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Summer Crankin’

When it comes to crankbaits I have an admission to make; they had been extremely under-utilized in my boat up until a few years ago. This was especially true in Summer time. Crankbaits were something I used to troll when my hands were too cold for casting in late Fall, or maybe I’d drag oneRead More >

Knock on Wood for More Muskies

There is a simple reason woodpeckers continually probe trees with such methodical tenacity – food.  While I have never seen a woodpecker attempt to do so on a submerged tree, I have seen throngs of baitfish taking their place at the great wooden dining table, be it now underwater.  Make no mistake about it –Read More >

Fall Trolling on Shield Lakes

by Doug Johnson It’s that time of year. The leaves are starting to fall, Ducks are gathering up for a trip south, Kids are back in school, the lakes empty out, the first killing frost has happened, water temperatures are falling fast. All this means that the tullibees, and whitefish will be thinking about movingRead More >

Ice-off Fishing for Trophy Muskie: Indiana Style

As soon as the ice comes off your favorite Muskie Lake it’s time to put away the ice fishing equipment and break out the boat for some late winter/ early spring Muskie action. Right after ice off the water temperatures start to rise. Baitfish and muskies alike start to move up in the water columnRead More >