Burt™ – Deadly Naked® Series

Burt™ - Deadly Naked® Series
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Burt™ – Deadly Naked® Series


Earn up to 22 Drift Points.


Burt is the preferred jerkbait among anglers because he’s easy to use and effective day or night.

The Burt™ is the original plastic jerk bait. The Shallow version, 9 inches long and weighing 2.14 ounces, is a unique jerkbait that has proven deadly year after year. It’s unique shape makes it easy to use. With a simple snap or pull on the rod tip, Burt™ gives an erratic down-and-to-the-side action that triggers fish.   Available in both a shallow and weighted (3.05 ounces) model, this lure allows you to work effectively over submerged weed beds, no matter the depth, probing holes and pockets that other lures can’t penetrate.


The Burt™ was invented by legendary angler Pete Mania as an improved jerkbait.  The plastic construction coupled with the profile and hook locations resulted in a jerkbait that improved hooking percentages over conventional wood lures.


The new Deadly Naked® Series TM brings a new twist to the already proven lure.  With a crystal clear body design, the reflective surface is located inside the bait, and offers 360 degrees of light reflection.  This unique technique guarantees FLASH that hasn’t been done before, and FLASH that won’t wear off anytime soon!


9″ Shallow Burt : 2.25 ounces

9″ Weighted Burt : 3.05 ounces



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Musky Mania Burt Deadly Naked Series

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