Jake – Deadly Naked® Series

Jake - Deadly Naked® Series
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Jake – Deadly Naked® Series


Earn up to 22 Drift Points.


The Jake is a classic big fish lure, and the #1 BIG MINNOW BAIT on the market today, period!

It’s narrow, flat-sided body combined with a unique lip design work together to generate tremendous wobble and flash, even at high speeds. Predatory fish see a forage baitfish struggling for survivial as it attempts to swim upright. The “high-impact” lip is designed to hammer the structure, trees or rocks, driving the large trophy-class fish to take action. Available in 6, 8, and 10 inch versions, it is equally effective, cast, trolled or twitched. Simply put, its a killer lure!


The new Deadly Naked® Series brings a new twist to the already proven lure.  With a crystal clear body design, the reflective surface is located inside the bait, and offers 360 degrees of light reflection.  This unique technique guarantees FLASH that hasn’t been done before, and FLASH that won’t wear off anytime soon! Some even glow in the dark!


6″ : 1.5 ounces

8″ : 2.60 ounces

10″ : 4.20 ounces


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