Magic Maker™ – Standard Colors

Magic Maker™ - Standard Colors
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Magic Maker™ – Standard Colors


Earn up to 16 Drift Points.


 A walk-the-dog glide bait that fish simply can’t resist!

The Magic Maker™ is a walk-the-dog glide bait that fish simply can’t resist. The original version (still availabe upon request) was constructed of wood, carefully weighted to provide a wide gliding action with the simple twitch of the rod tip. In 2004 the classic was tooled in a plastic version with a rattle, one of the first plastic glide baits on the market. The result was a consistent lure that glides wide, from side to side, and rolls with a legendary belly flash that drive fish insane. The plastic version is more durable and holds up fish after fish. The tough ABS plastic minimizes tooth penetration resulting in better hooking percentages and the hook hangers never pull out.


6.75″ 3.25 ounces



Rattle Options

Rattle, No Rattle (+1.00)

Musky Mania Std Colors

#80 Pumpkin Seed, #02 Perch, #991 Holoform Darter, #969 Holoform Clown, #949 Holoform Glitter Walleye, #902 Holoform Perch, #901 Holoform Silver Shiner, #900 Holoform Golden Shiner, #103 Night Shiner, #51 Northern Pike, #49 Glitter Walleye, #24 Orange Tiger, #18 Tennessee Shad, #16 Glitter Perch, #12 Fire Tiger, #09 Smallmouth Bass, #06 Crappie, #04 Black Perch, #923 Holoform Superman, #53 Fire Belly, #46 Lemon Head