Since 2003 Drifter Tackle has grown its family of brands to include Musky Mania, Esox Research Company (E.R.C.), Musky Mike’s Trolling Secrets, Loke Lures, and most recently Sennett Tackle.

Drifter Tackle Inc. was built on the back of the famous Believer®. The lure, originally available in 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, 8” and 10” models, has been consistently producing record catches in both size and numbers of numerous species around the world. Muskie, pike, walleye, bass, stripers, salmon….you name it and the Believer® has caught it. The Believer has even been recognized by Muskies Inc. as one of the top 10 Muskie lures of all times based on actual recorded catches. The Believer® is simply amazing.

Originally, Musky Mania Tackle burst onto the scene in 1992. Initial production was of a jerkbait called the “Burt™”. For the first time, serious Muskie and pike anglers had a jerkbait made of high-impact plastic that could withstand any punishment trophy fish could dish out. Burt was tough, good-looking, and also quickly recognized as the best-hooking jerkbait on the market.

Better hooking percentages were the reason Pete Maina, founder and designer of the Burt™, started the company. Following countless trophy muskie and pike catches on Burt, including the Colorado state record tiger Muskie (53″, 40lbs, 2 oz.), Musky Mania Tackle has expanded into one of the largest brands of big-game fish products in the world! Hundreds of trophy fish in countless species are taken on Musky Mania Tackle products annually.

In 1998, the introduction of the 6-inch Jake™ and Ernie™ crankbaits brought downsized versions of “proven-effective” designs to the forefront. These baits immediately proved deadly-not only for Muskie and pike, but also for walleyes, bass, trout and a variety of saltwater game fish. Since, MMT has expanded even further to offer everything from hard to soft plastics, as well as the premier line of related terminal tackle.  In addition to offering a distinguished line of lures and terminal tackle, Musky Mania also offers a line of fishing-related merchandise.

E.R.C. is not just another lure company. The brand goal at ERC is to assist fellow fishermen reach “the next level”. Recognizing the importance of knowledge and developing a mental attitude that is inquisitive in nature is essential. Learning to relentlessly ask, “Why?” and applying the knowledge you obtain in your own unique way is the key. Having someone show you what to cast, where to cast, and when to cast is not enough. Those shortcuts will be short-lived and produce random results if you do not persistently question WHY they were successful. The E.R.C. philosophy brings to Drifter Tackle Inc. the proper tools and access to the information you need to become an innovative problem solver in the muskie and pike fishing worlds.  Please read the visit the Drifter Campus to familiarize yourself with some of the theories and beliefs of the E.R.C. school of thought.  Explore the multitude of links to an infinite quantity of research and information on both muskie and pike species. Then check out our Products Page to see how ERC has developed unique tools and techniques to help you consistently catch more muskies.

All Loke Lures are designed and handcrafted from the finest selected Honduras Mahogany and Jelutong stock available, along with other top of the line components. Loke lures undergo multiple complex steps which are shown off in the high quality of the finished product. With Loke, we are continually setting the standard for handcrafted wooden lures in the muskie industry.  Year by year, as the catch numbers increase so does the amounts of happy and returning customers who swear by our lures.  Multiple prized tournaments and tournament trails championships do not lie!!!  John Muliett, of Fair Haven Michigan, began Loke Lures as a personal hobby in the mid 1980’s by crafting a small quantity of custom musky lures for personal use. As word of these “custom” lures began to spread rapidly, fisherman from all over flooded the small shop on located on Port Loke Marina wanting to know who made such lures and where can they get theirs. Over the years, the quality and production of all Loke’s has grown to a level never thought possible by such lures. At Drifter Tackle, we remain focused on building these hand crafted wood lures just as John had.  We use John’s fixtures and wood working equipment.  We purchase all of the wood and components from the same suppliers that John used himself.  It is our intention to keep the Loke’s unchanged and just as John has designed them.

Sennett Tackle was founded by Ty Sennett.  Ty has put his many years of musky catching experience to work and has made a fine line of PROVEN Muskie catching topwater baits.  The baits have been tested on many waters throughout the world and have caught many trophy muskies wherever they have been used.  The Pacemaker is Sennett’s signature bait.  It is a blade bait that has a unique sound created by the positioning of the middle hook to constantly “click” against the brass tail with each rotation.  Other Sennett Tackle products include the Rough Runner, a unique globe bait that creates a distinct sound due to its three piece design, and the Stillwater which is a topper style bait that works great in both choppy and calm conditions.

In the Spring of 2012, Drifter Tackle purchased Sennett Tackle from Ty and his wife Rachel.  Ty and Rachel will continue to remain heavily involved with Drifter Tackle moving forward into the future.  With Drifter Tackle manufacturing his awesome baits, Ty now has the time to do what he does best…fishing.

Ty will continue to work on designing new products, and also remain intimately involved with all decisions regarding the Sennett line.  It is the ultimate goal of Ty and Rachel to see Sennett Tackle continue to grow into a brand that puts more fish in boats year after year.

For Drifter, Sennett Tackle fits into its family of brands seamlessly.  “While we have great topwater baits in the Musky Mania’s Doc and Lil’ Doc, Drifter Tackle was in need of a greater variety of topwater lures in our lineup,” explains Zach Stechschulte, Drifter Tackle’s National Sales Manager.  “For Drifter Tackle, the Sennett acquisition is a tremendous opportunity we feel for both parties involved.  Drifter is able to add proven and successful topwater baits into our lineup without overlapping with the Doc and Lil’ Doc products.  For Ty and Rachel, we feel that we can help them grow Sennett Tackle and offer Ty the time and ability to do what he does best, and that is fishing and creating new products.”

The entire line of Sennett Tackle fishing lures are handmade and adjusted to fish perfectly the minute you buy them.  You won’t go wrong, we guarantee it!  Just as with all Drifter products, Sennett Tackle’s baits will continue to be made 100% in the United States.

As we are continually growing in size, our lures are now being sold worldwide to fisherman all with the same dream in mind, to land the new record.


Made with Pride
Drifter Tackle is also one of the few major lure manufactures who make all of our lures in-house, 100% within the United States of America. In 2011, Drifter Tackle moved into its new 95,000 square foot home where the focus continues to be on building the best quality products available in the industry.  We are continually striving to be on the leading edge of new products and features available to our customers, and being built in the United States is a big part of that. We believe in American workers, American quality and American innovation. Our facility is located in Toledo, Ohio. It is a state-of-the-art facility and allows us the flexibility to manufacture unique designs and color schemes for specific customers and retailers. Custom lures are our business!