Clearance Items

Clearance Items
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Clearance Items

$14.49$15.49 On Sale:  $7.99$10.99

Earn up to 11 Drift Points.


30% – 50% Off !!!

All Clearance Item products are sold as is.  Once the available quantities of products are gone, these specific color combinations will no longer be painted.  View the products by selecting the appropriate product and color description from the drop down boxes on the right hand side of the screen.  Once you have selected a product and color, the image of the bait will appear.  Then it is as simple as selecting a quantity and adding them to your cart.

It is important that after you view a product, you go back to the drop down boxes on the right hand side of the screen and select “Choose an option…” in each box again.  This will allow you to select another bait, and then view the color options that it is available in.


All sales on clearance items are FINAL.

Clearance Items

6″ Jtd. Believer, 8″ Jtd. Believer, 10″ Jake, 6″ Jake, 6″ Little Ernie, Shallow Burt, Weighted Burt, 6″ Str. Believer, 8″ Str. Believer, 9″ Doc, 7″ Jtd. Believer, 8″ Jake, Weighted Sq. Burt, 9″ Ernie

Clearance Item Colors

Turbo Skunk, Contrast Pair – Turbo Skunk & Red/White Scale, Contrast Pair – Jailbird, Contrast Pair – Hot Red Tiger & Blk Sucker, Contrast Pair – Blk Perch & Firetiger, Black Frog, Historic Crappie, Historic Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Trout, Jailbird, Historic Orange Tiger, Blood Perch, Night Shiner, M.M. Night Shiner, Shadow, Superman, Contrast Pair – Night Shiner & Org. Coach, Redneck, Historic $9 Bass, Golden Shiner, Sunshine Tiger, Walleye Holoform, Holoform Clown, Historic Sunshine Tiger, Holoform Orange Tiger, Historic Tenn Shad Slv Holoform, Historic Firebelly, Crazy Clown, Chart. Tiger, Historic Superman, Historic Walleye Holoform


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