Drifter Tackle

Drifter Tackle is a company dedicated to the scientific development and advancement of fishing tackle and accessories.

The company was built on the back of the famousBeliever®. The lure, originally available in 2”,3”,4”,5”,6”,7”,8” and 10” models, has been consistently producing record catches in both size and numbers of numerous species around the world. Muskie, pike, walleye, bass, stripers, salmon….you name it and the Believer® has caught it. The Believer has even been recognized by Muskies Inc. as one of the top 10 muskie lures of all times based on actual recorded catches. The Believer® is simply amazing.

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Musky Mania

Musky Mania Tackle burst onto the scene in 1992. Initial production was of a jerkbait called the “Burt™”.

For the first time, serious muskie and pike anglers had a jerkbait made of high-impact plastic that could withstand any punishment trophy fish could dish out. Burt was tough, good-looking … but was also quickly recognized as the best-hooking jerkbait on the market. Better hooking percentages were the reason Pete Maina, founder and designer of the Burt™, started the company. Following countless trophy catches on Burt, including the Colorado state record tiger muskie (53″, 40lbs, 2 oz.), Musky Mania Tackle has expanded into one of the largest producers of big-gamefish products in the world! Hundreds of trophy fish in countless species are taken on MMT products annually.

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ESOX Research Company

Esox Research Company (ERC) is not just another lure company.Our goal at ERC is to assist fellow fishermen reach “the next level”.

Recognizing the importance of knowledge and developing a mental attitude that is inquisitive in nature is essential. Learning to relentlessly ask, “Why?”and applying the knowledge you obtain in your own unique way is the key. Having someone show you what to cast, where to cast, and when to cast is not enough. Those shortcuts will be short-lived and produce random results if you do not persistently question WHY they were successful. ERC offers the tools and access to the information you need to become an innovative problem solver.

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Loke Lures

All Loke Lures™ are designed and handcrafted from the finest selected Honduras Mahogany and Jelutong stock available, along with other top of the line components. Our lures undergo multiple complex steps which are shown of in the high quality of the finished product.

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