Month: February 2012

Evaluation of the physiology, behaviour, and survival of adult muskellunge

Angling for muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) is a specialized endeavor involving species-specific equipment and handling procedures. The latter were developed by anglers with little influence from fisheries managers or the scientific community. Today, release rates approach 100% for specialized anglers; therefore, a formal evaluation of these procedures was warranted. Using two handling treatments – one toRead More >

Wisconsin Muskellunge Waters: Research – by Tim Simonson

Muskellunge researchers in Wisconsin use scientific experiments to find ways to improve muskellunge populations, and as a result improve the quality of muskellunge angling. A good research program forms a solid foundation that enables biologists to manage and protect muskellunge for future generations. Research studies take on a variety of shapes and forms from evaluationRead More >


“Honey, I’m leaving for fishing practice now, see you later.” What? Fishing practice? Sounds absurd doesn’t it? While your spouse or significant other may be suspicious, I submit it’s not absurd at all. We practice hoops, golf, shooting-heck every sport we engage in except fishing. I wouldn’t waste valuable hunting time without practicing with anyRead More >

Thinking About Stinking: Is there a sweet smell for success? – by Dick Pearson

Hi folks. This topic came to mind as I sat in a tree bow hunting in early November. This bow season, I really tinkered with scent. Eliminating mine (carbon lined clothing, spray-on scent eliminators, etc.) and trying to attract deer with various sorts of homemade and commercial concoctions. Why? Curiosity, and, of course, trying toRead More >

Spinner Baits – Grinding and Rock Rolling – by Dick Pearson

Ah, the good old Spinnerbait, one of the most fish catchingest baits ever designed. The ultimate “crescent wrench”. A tool that works fast, slow, shallow, deep, and in almost any kind of structure you can encounter. Here I’ll talk about fishing weeds and rocks with a spinnerbait. Being the versatile tool it is, a spinnerbaitRead More >