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Gary Enos

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Gary's Indiana Muskie Experience



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The eponymous angler at Gary’s Indiana Muskie Experience (Gary) draws on more then 33 years of Muskie-nabbing experience to guide fisherfolk of all skill levels through an enjoyable water-bound odyssey. During day or night treks, the fresh farer propels his fish-luring vessel in the direction of the lake’s most sought-after trophy fish that, like a pirate’s peg leg, can weigh up to 70 pounds. Once the expert captain locates leviathan-like beasts, passengers can woo them shipside with the provided lures and haul them in with the Tooth Tamer Rods and BPS reels, or their bare hands. Upon the completion of trips of various lengths, Master Taxidermist Cecil Baird will craft a complimentary reproduction of any Muskie or rubber boot 50 inches or longer, ideal for future boasting of aquatic adventures or for use as bait for even larger reproduction fish. 

  • Full Time Guide
  • Over 30 Years Muskie Fishing Experience
  • Exciting Night Fishing Action
  • On The Water Instruction
  • Live Sucker Rigging
  • Various techniques
  • Free 50” or Better Muskie Replica

Gary fishes Webster and Backwaters Lake, The Barbee Chain, Lake Tippecanoe, James Lake, Oswego Lake, Loon Lake and Upper Long Lake. If you have a specfic lake you would like to fish Gary can do that, or if you would rather just let Gary pick it that would be great too. Gary provides Tooth Tamer Rods, Reels, Lures and all the equipment needed to get the job done. You will need to bring Polorized sunglasses, sunscreen (if needed), raingear, drinks and snacks. If you would rather take a break at one of the lakeside restaurants we can do that too. 


 I get this question asked alot:  

What is the best time to go?


Late March thru mid- April is a good chance at a huge Muskie. Bait fish start to move up to the surface and Big Bellied Females are starting to feed up before the spawn. Mid- April to the first week in May Muskies are moving in and out of the shallows. Some fish are on and some are off due to the spawn (good shot at numbers of fish). Second week of May thru mid- June is a great time to be Muskie fishing. Water is heating up and getting the Muskie in a feeding mood. This is when night fishing starts to get going too. Depending on water Temperature July and August can be tough. When surface water moves into the mid-80’s Muskies will be much deeper in the water colum. Seeking temperatures in the 70’s. Once surface temperatures start to drop Muskie start to move up in the water colum. This happens with cooler nights in September. Now your talking my favorite time of the season late September, October and November. This is the time of the year to catch numbers and size. Females start to put on the feed bags to develop fat and this temperature drop triggers eggs to start forming. This is why the fall period can be very rewarding to those willing to go.