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Gregg Thomas' Battle the Beast Guide Service



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For the past 15 years Gregg Thomas has dedicated his life to the pursuit of educating the public on musky fishing. As a full time guide he starts his season in the southern waters of Cave Run and Green River Lakes in Kentucky. As the season progresses he moves to central Minnesota and fishes a variety of different lakes. As a writer he has been published in several national publications such as Musky Hunter Magazine, Midwest Outdoors and Fishing Facts. He is also a seminar speaker that has spoke at several Muskies Inc. Chapter meetings, Sport Shows and Sports Store events. The final media outlet that Gregg has become involved in is Television and Video. He has appeared on Keyes Outdoors, Musky Hunter Television, Badfish Videos and his own videos Gregg Thomas’ “Blueprints to Musky Success: Vol. I Weed Fishing” and Early Season Ideas: Spring Muskies!

Lastly are Gregg’s tournament accomplishments. Having fished a majority of the Professional Musky Tournament Trails events Gregg has became a very accomplished angler, winning the “Top Gun” Award twice in 1999 and 2006. He also won three tournaments including the PMTT World Championship in 1999 and 2008, plus he has over a dozen top ten finishes. Gregg enjoys his job and loves teaching people about musky fishing. So if you would, let him share with you some tips that he might of picked up along the way.



Kentucky, Minnesota