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Slobland Flicks  was founded on a true love for Muskie fishing.  With over 25 years’ experience on some of the best trophy water in the world Kyle Garon and Matt O’Brien began recording their many fishing adventures.  The result was a very entertaining Muskie specific reality fishing show, available for free on you tube. The series soon developed a dedicated fan base of fellow die hard Muskie fisherman and has grown significantly since.  Along with a select crew of friends and fellow Muskie guides Slobland has recorded many of the biggest muskies ever caught on film. Beyond the entertainment value of the videos, Slobland takes the initiative to inform its loyal following on the techniques used with a emphasis on the importance Catch and Release . After its inception, Slobland Flicks began partnering with the top fishing brands on the market and launched an online Premier Bait Club to give access to the best products in Muskie fishing, along with a popular apparel line featuring Sloblands unique muskie logo.  Kyle and Matt have been guiding part time for many years all over Central Ontario.


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