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I remember from my earliest days I loved fishing with my Grandfather who from my ealiest days I call Gubba.  That was the name I called him until the day he passed away.  From my first days at around 5 years old fishing with a bobber and a worm thru the days of casting off the piers of Lake Michigan I knew fishing would always play a very important role in my life.  Not only because I got to spend time with Gubba but it was something I truly loved to do!  After going to college and not fishing for a few years I could tell something was missing in my life and that’s when I got back into fishing.  I have fished for everything from Bass and Panfish, to Salmon and Trout, and everything in between.  But my favorite fish to battle with is the Musky!  Fishing for many years with my Gubba showed me how much he cared about me and how important it was to pass on his love of fishing to others.  He would always help out the other fishermen and tell them the tricks he used to catch fish.  That’s why I love being a guide, helping others enjoy the sport that I love to do above and beyond anything else so hopefully they can enjoy what I love just as much as I do!