Believer™ – Standard Color Series

Believer™ - Standard Color Series
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Believer™ – Standard Color Series


Earn up to 45 Drift Points.


It’s famous for a reason.

The Believer™ is one of the most versatile lures available today. Its unique shape and design, combined with a deep and shallow eyelet, allow this bait to be fished from the surface down to depths of 18’ – 20’ Retrieve it slowly as a surface bait over thick vegetation; work it as a jerk bait or twitch bait over and through emerging weed growth. Cast and deep troll it into rocks, timber and heavy cover as a crankbait.


The name speakes for itself, and for over 25 years the Believer has and continues to consistently product RECORD CATCHES for anglers from around the world.  It’s unique and erractic action which we refer to as “CONSTRUCTIVE CHAOS” triggers strikes from trophy predators who have seen everything!


6″ Straight and Jointed : 1.25 Ounces

7″ Straight : 1.56 ounces / 7″ Jointed : 1.8 ounces

8″ Straight : 1.8 ounces / 8″ Jointed : 2 ounces

10″ Straight and Jointed : 3.6 ounces

13″ Straight and Jointed : 9 ounces



* Product price varies based on Style / Size. *Small Rattle only available for 10″ Believer.  Price adjustments are shown in “Type & Size” pull down and will be reflected in your Shopping Cart.

Drifter Std. Colors

#999 Holoform Blue Cisco, #940 Holoform Black Fire, #938 Holoform Hot Walleye, #923 Holoform Superman, #83 Fire Belly, #40 Carp, #61 Natural Walleye, #50 Nine Dollar Bass, #20 Orange Tiger, #19 Fire Tiger, #63 Fire Perch, #05-YB Yellow Belly Perch, #46 Lemon Head, #08 Black Sucker, #33 Blue Back Shad, #34 Sucker, #52 Silver Shad, #68 Blue Gill


13″, 10″, 8″, 7″, 6″


Straight, Jointed

Rattle Options

Rattle, Small Rattle (+1.00), No Rattle (+1.00)