Blanks – All Bait Styles


Earn up to 39 Drift Points.


First, select the bait style from the selection box.  You will see the color of the plastic in parentheses next to each bait.  Second, select if you want to order the blank lure with hooks and split rings included, or without.  The price will adjust once you have made your selections.  There are no options for special ordering the baits in plastic colors other then what they are listed as.  Drifter Tackle reserves the right to send out different plastic colors when the standard color in parentheses is out of stock.


6″ Str. Believer (White), 6″ Jnt. Believer (White), 7″ Str. Believer (White), 7″ Jtd. Believer (White), 8″ Str. Believer (White), 8″ Jtd. Believer (White), 10″ Str. Believer (White), 10″ Jtd. Believer (White), 13″ Str. Believer (White), 13″ Jtd. Believer (White), 6″ Str. Muskie Stalker (White), 6″ Jtd. Muskie Stalker (White), 9″ Triple D (White), 9″ Double D (White), 12″ Susp. Triple D (White), 12″ Float. Triple D (White), 6″ Hell Puppy (White), 8″ Hell Hound (White), 10″ Hell Hound (White), 6″ Jake (White), 8″ Jake (White), 10″ Jake (White), 14″ Jake (White), 6″ Lil’ Ernie (Clear), 9″ Big Ernie (Clear), 9″ Shallow Burt (White), 9″ Weighted Burt (White), 7″ Lil’ Doc (Bone), 9″ Doc (Bone), 7″ Magic Maker (White), 10″ Jtd. Muskie Stalker (White)


Hooks and Split Rings, Blank Only