Vexer™ – Live Image Colors

Vexer™ - Live Image Colors
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Vexer™ – Live Image Colors


Earn up to 27 Drift Points.


The Vexer takes Twitchbait to a whole new level!

The word “Vexer” means to PROVOKE.  Designed by Chippewa Flowage Muskie guide Ty Sennett, the Vexer is a twitch bait unlike any other.  All Vexer’s are made with highest quality components including: a solid, durable plastic body, through-wire construction, a polycarbonate lip, and heavy duty hooks.  The key to the Vexer that makes it stand apart is the blade on the belly of the lure.  It is a unique presentation of flash that has never been seen on a twitch bait.  This bait is easily fished using erratic jerks of the rod tip as you retrieve the lure.  Try sudden pauses to attract violent strikes.  The Vexer can also be trolled in shallow water presentations at slow of high speeds.  Again, the unique presentation of the belly blade adds a flash unlike any the fish have seen before.


Live Image Vexer Colors

Carp, Crappie, Largemouth, Perch, Pumpkinseed, Shiner, Smallmouth, Tullibee, Walleye