Dissolved Oxygen in Lakes

Why Is It Important?

Like terrestrial animals, fish and other aquatic organisms need oxygen to live. As water moves past their gills (or other breathing apparatus), microscopic bubbles of oxygen gas in the water called dissolved oxygen (DO), are transferred from the water to their blood. Like any other gas diffusion process, the transfer is efficient only above certain concentrations. In other words, oxygen can be present in the water, but at too low a concentration to sustain aquatic life. Oxygen also is needed for many chemical reactions that are important to lake functioning.

To continue reading this article, follow the link: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/plants/management/joysmanual/dissolvedoxygen.html

The Relationship Between Temperature and Oxygen Solubility

(degrees C)

Oxygen Solubility

0 14.6
5 12.8
10 11.3
15 10.2
20 9.2
25 8.6
100 boiling 0


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