Squirrely Ernie / Li’l Ernie™ – Standard Colors

Squirrely Ernie / Li'l Ernie™ - Standard Colors
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Squirrely Ernie / Li’l Ernie™ – Standard Colors


Earn up to 22 Drift Points.


Squirrely Ernie™ and Li’l Ernie™ are lures designed for casting or trolling deep water ledges and open water.

Trolled, these lures track well at high speeds and the fluttering tail combined with small rattles, call in the prey from a long way off. As a casting lure, both the 8 inch (Squirrely Li’l Ernie™) and 10 inch (Squirrely Ernie™) versions allow you to attack steep inclines that normally go unexplored. Paused on the retrieve, the soft-plastic tails continue to move as the lure floats toward the surface triggering strikes from curious predators. Deep water, deep structure, impoundments….this family of lures allows you to probe the depths in new and creative ways!
6″ Straight and Jointed : 1.5 ounces

9″ Straight : 3.5 ounces


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** All Squirrely Ernie’s and Lil’ Ernies come with a painted solid lip.




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