Saltwater Doc’s & Lil’ Doc’s Live Image Colors

Saltwater Doc's & Lil' Doc's Live Image Colors
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Saltwater Doc’s & Lil’ Doc’s Live Image Colors


Earn up to 25 Drift Points.


The “SECRET PLUG” finally has a name!

Musky Mania’s 9″ Doc and 7″ Lil’ Doc have been one of the HOTTEST plugs for East Coast Stripers for over 10 years.  For a long time, the unpainted “Bone” colored Doc’s were some what of a mystery.  Over the past couple years, as tackle shops have begun to stock them, the name and reputation has grown. Now, the famous Doc is available in Live Image color patterns that mimic the very species that Striper feed on daily.

These “Walk The Dog” top water plugs create a violent side to side action, and unmatched LOUD rattle unlike anything Striper have ever seen.  Striped Bass literally can not ignore them!

These lures come equipped with stainless steel hardware, and 4/0 VMC Perma Steel hooks able to hold up to the Saltwater environment. 




Saltwater Doc Live Image

Alewive, Blue Mackerel, Green Mackerel, Pogie, Sea Herring


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