10 Inch Straight Believer Lure by Drifter Tackle

      This is one of my best “go to” lures. It can be fished in a variety of ways and I have caught many muskie over 40 plus inches using this particular lure in the weeds.  The believer lure has shown itself to be successful in rocks as well not to mention when trolling and I have personally landed large muskies in all these situations.

       What makes this lure so unique is the different eye tie locations enabling it to be fished in deep or shallow water. Once I get to the depth I want, my personal favorite method is to begin twitching with 4-6 inch twitches or use it as a jerk bait with pump and hesitation, or the pump sweep method.  My color of choice is black sucker on overcast days and  perch on sunny or bright days. I also use the perch color in stained water. However, when fishing Canadian waters on large lakes, I will most likely use the natural walleye color.  Drifter Tackle has many colors available and you need to match these to the area, structure, and baitfish in the lake you are fishing.

        I caught a nice 50inch muskie early one morning on the inside curve using it as a top water bait, working it with a jerk, splash, rest, letting ripples move out about 15 feet and then repeating the process again. He smashed it.  The slow steady wobble is also a sure bet to entice the muskie to strike.  This lure will work in any season of the year.  I fish it more slowly in the spring and more aggressively in the fall.  When the muskie hits this lure it will be a smashing jar or the lure will come to a dead stop like you have snagged into a log.

       Don’t be afraid to mix up your retrieves from a slow steady return, a pump and go return, sweep hesitate sweep, twitch, etc.  I have also added additional weight at times ahead on a 24 inch fluorocarbon leader to keep it in the strike zone longer.

      When casting  this lure I like to use a a 7 ½ foot medium heavy rod with 65 lb. braided line.  This gives better control when casting and you still have enough backbone in the rod to drive the hooks home.  If I’m trolling I use a 7 foot heavy rod with 85lb braided line.  You need the extra heavy rod and line because of hang ups that may occur giving you time to react without losing or breaking any of your equipment.  Most of the time the muskie will hook himself when trolling but you still need to set the hook deeper.

        The believer lure should be a must in any angler’s arsenal as it can be fished in so many different ways and in any given structure. For catching the bigger fish, this lure is definitely at the top of my “go  to” lures.  I never leave the dock without two or three of these lures with me.


    Muskie Mike

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