Wisconsin Muskellunge Waters: Research

Muskellunge researchers in Wisconsin use scientific experiments to find ways to improve muskellunge populations, and as a result improve the quality of muskellunge angling. A good research program forms a solid foundation that enables biologists to manage and protect muskellunge for future generations. Research studies take on a variety of shapes and forms from evaluation of cost-effective ways to stock muskellunge to determining factors causing the decline of natural reproduction. Research studies help determine the effect of new regulations such as size limits on the size structure, growth, and the abundance of muskellunge populations. Radio telemetry studies have helped researchers determine behavior and preferred habitats of juvenile and adult muskellunge. Such research is important for protection of critical habitat. On a broader scale, research produces information about how certain land use practices or shoreline development can affect muskellunge.


To read further, clink on the link: http://dnr.wi.gov/fish/musky/muskywaters_research.html

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