Wisconsin Muskellunge Waters: Life History of Musky

Distribution – The original muskellunge range in Wisconsin was generally confined to lakes and rivers in the drainage of the Chippewa River above Chippewa Falls, the Wisconsin River above Hat Rapids near Rhinelander, and the Amnicon River in Douglas County. The distribution has been extended, particularly to the south, by stocking. Wisconsin currently has no active program for hybrid muskellunge management. Some residual populations still exist, however.

Currently, fishable populations of muskellunge are found in 711 lakes and 83 streams in 48 counties. The heaviest concentration of lakes containing muskellunge is found in the head water regions of the Chippewa, Flambeau, and Wisconsin Rivers.


To continue reading this article in full, follow the link: http://dnr.wi.gov/fish/musky/muskywaters_lifehistory.html

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